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Founded in 2009, YANG HE is a professional supplier to manufacturing, packaging, QC and export.

Main products: self drilling screw / tapping screw /  bi-metal screw /machine screw / washer / nuts /  wall plug / collated screws / autofeed screwdriver / hand tool / customized products.

Surface treatment: zinc plated / Ruspert / DACROTIZING / hot dip galvanizing / mechanical galvanizing / black phosphated / copper plated / nickel plated / positive electrode / powder coating / wax...

Custom packaging & package design (blister / poly bag / opp bag / carton box / window box / bulk / case set / cardboard / opp bag + carton header...).

We are the professional manufacturer of DIN, ANSI, JIS ... and other standard or customized non-standard products.

We focus on high level quality, innovative design, and on-time delivery.

Service Zone:Nationwide

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